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Socket Science – Elegant Decay Mix

Me and Oldsy have been discussing the possibility of an exclusive Box Musique mix series since the beginning of time. Seriously, we sat there on the council with Zerb, Vultar and the Great Creator and theorised spicing up the annual Gods meet with a bit of funky music, but just never got round to it. […]

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Aloo – Klangbild (ASTOR015)

Astor Bell are a particular favourite of ours (and maybe yours). Not only are they a label that releases consistently dope electronic-based music, they release it all for free. ‘Consistently dope’ is the key here because, unlike most of the time in life, the fact that it’s free doesn’t make it shoddy and won’t hook […]

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Socket Science Autumn Falls Mix

The man from Sweden has done it again. I’ve spent a large portion of the last year pimping Socket Science’s previous two mixes to everyone that has working ears and now he’s dropped another; my pitch shall only get stronger! Featuring beautiful tunes from the likes of Extrawelt, Thomas Bjerring and Kollektiv Turmstrasse, this 80 […]

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If, for whatever reason, you’re getting ever so slightly bored with general minimal house/tech releases of late then listen to this absolutely gorgeous mix. I’m not getting bored as such, I just seem to spend most of my time either wandering about aimlessly or being stuck with my head in the bloody sand. Just taking […]

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Minilogue – The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix)

I like Minilogue, I like Extrawelt and I also think Leopards are pretty fucking cool. Basically, this track has all the components it needs to leapfrog the other crap I rifle through and firmly position itself at the forefront of my existence. I guess the fact that it’s an amazing tune also helps…although not as […]

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Socket Science Subway Edition Mix

I don’t know what Socket Science eats for breakfast but whatever it is, it’s the perfect fuel for producing ridiculous mixes. His latest melange of electronic goodness was strung together exclusively for Belgian blog SSSSound, and appears as the 7th incarnation in their SSSSoundtrack series. Entitled ‘The Subway Edition’, it’s a characteristically diverse blend of […]

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