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Mix Monday: Kalbata Promo Mix

Israeli bass heavyweight Kalbata has knocked together this promo mix to gain some exposure for his latest release, Oh Gosh, which is out now on Botanika Records (BALUT004). Headed up by a nasty, sub-heavy a-side, which rolls forward in sporadic jerks like an unreliable bulldozer, the release also features an equally hefty 8-bit laden b-side in ‘Karl Butter’. Both tracks bear more than a passing resemblance to a hunk of electro that’s been through a meat grinder with a few bones of dubstep. But whatever the recipe, it all makes for a rather pleasing, if a little bloody, result.

As mentioned by Sabbo, who posted this up on Mad Decent, the mix crosses several genres “from dubstep to garage, old skool hardcore to Miami bass and reggae”, so it’s a pretty varied ride. Tracklisting after the jump. Enjoy.

Kalbata 2010 Mix [Mediafire]

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Mix Monday: Big Basha Hits from the Strong

Betamorph Recordings’ second promo mix, Big Basha’s ‘Hits from the Strong’, comprises over an hour of filthy dubs that’ll make you feel like you’ve dived headfirst down a sewage pipe slip ‘n slide. Relentlessly heavy from start to finish, this little terror will box your ears like an East End mother, hitting you square in the jaw with a fistful of abusive bass. I’m serious, you know, this here mix be heavy.

Packed full of tunes largely courtesy of the Betamorph roster (which, you’ll notice, is very similar to the one cultivated over at Rottun), we’ve been treated to the likes of DZ, Flux Pavilion, Trolley Snatcha, RSK and Mark Instinct, as well as a ream of other up and coming filth mongers. Download it, have a listen, have a shower, repeat.

Big Basha – ‘Hits from the Strong’ [Mediafire]

Grab it above, full tracklisting after the jump.

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Mix Monday: Buraka Som Sistema

This is the first instalment of a weekly periodical that we have so wittily dubbed ‘Mix Monday’. Basically we’re going to post mixes every Monday (and all week round, but only on one day without fail) and you’re going to listen to them and hopefully enjoy them. We’ll even give you a money back guarantee. We’re quite gullible too, so we’ll probably refund you even if you love it, or at least, Oldsy will.

This one is a 30 minute promo mix from Portuguese kuduro advocates, Buraka Som Sistema, gifted to us by the folks at Fabric in order to promote the upcoming release of Fabriclive 49. It comprises a host of decent tracks including some sick material from L-Vis 1990, Emalkay and Deadmau5. I would embed it, but it’s in a frame and they make me shiver, so head over to Fairtilizer and enjoy its unashamed bounce. Full tracklisting after the jump.

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