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Who to Watch at Beacons 2012 (Part 1)

July just turned into August and Beacons festival will soon be upon us. Held in Skipton from August 17th-19th, it features a stellar line-up of some of the best electronic, folk and indie artists this spinning globe of rock and water has to offer. If you want more proof that it’s going to be a […]

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Mount Kimbie Interview in Berlin

It would be impossible for me to count the number of vacuously short video interviews of DJs and producers that I have seen over the last few years, but this one featuring Mount Kimbie is slightly different and thus deserves a firm push into your eyeballs. What makes it interesting is the fact that they […]

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Hotflush Recordings – Back and 4th

Where have Hotflush been? Where are they right now? And where are they going? All valid questions indeed, with answers potentially hidden somewhere within the compiled tracks of Back and 4th. It depends how fussy you are, I found them pretty much straight away but I’m also incredibly deluded/hungover so chomp on that. Brass tacks… […]

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Mount Kimbie Live in Cologne

If you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing Mount Kimbie live, then this video is about as close as you’re going to get (for now). Playing ‘Maybes’ in Cologne at the end of last year, their experimental — or ‘sperimental’ as one of the comments says — style shines through as they tweak all manner […]

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Jamie xx Radio 1 Mix

The one from The xx with all the fingers in all the pies, you know Jamie, was In The Mix for Benji B on BBC Radio 1 last night. He did a damn good job too. The last time I heard Mount Kimbie mixed into a slow-dub-waltz version of ‘Touch Me’ by Rui de Silva […]

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Mount Kimbie – Crooks & Lovers

Dentists should have this album playing on surround sound while they fuck about with your teeth. Who cares if they eventually get sick of it, I’m having my damn molars ripped out here. There is little to be said about this superb album that hasn’t been said already; even the Telegraph admitted it was bloody […]

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