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Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix)

Lana Del Rey

Everybody has been remixing Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ recently and by everybody, I mean Jamie Woon and now, Joy Orbison (there has actually been loads more, but these are the only two I’ve posted). Where Woon’s version splices, transposes and generally focuses on switching up the vocals — in a beautiful manner, I must add — Orbison has kept the original vocal track complete and married it to a characteristically majestic house inspired beat with rather exquisite results. Have a listen while simultaneously admiring a picture of Miss Rey. How nice.

Buy Joy Orbison tunes at Juno.

Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp

A few days ago Brooklyn’s Sepalcure released ‘Deep City Insects’ for free download and they’ve now announced the first single off their forthcoming self-titled album. Entitled ‘Pencil Pimp’, I’m not sure if it’s conceptually driven by stationery sexploitation but I do know that it drops November 7 on Hotflush with a b-side of ‘I’m Alright’. Unfortunately there are no previews of the tune knocking about, so I’ve included ‘Deep City Insects’ below instead. It’s rather enchanting.

Pre-order Sepalcure at Juno.

Hyetal – Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix)

This is an article. It is about a song. The song in question is a remix. The remixee is Hyetal. The remixer is Fantastic Mr Fox. This Fantastic Mr Fox fellow is particularly awesome.

Ok, I’ll start writing normally now, it’s just that I haven’t got much time. I have to keep this bus above 55mph otherwise it’s going to explode or something. I just figured that if I was going to get blown to Stacey Solomon’s face and back, I’d better update the blog first. Anyway, this is a remix of Hyetal’s Phoenix’ which appeared on the Black Acre Records Soundcloud a few days ago and what an enchanting little tune it is. The popping melody positing hooks and receiving answers from a burst of rich synth is typical Fantastic Mr Fox and if you’re familiar with my review of Evelyn EP, you know I love that shit.

You listen below and I’ll take charge of this situation. Some crazy bitch has taken the wheel.

Buy Fantastic Mr Fox tunes at Juno.

Soup Kitchen – Breach, Ben UFO, Blawan

The last Soup Kitchen was bigger than your strange Uncle’s ego after a successful 6-week stint on Countdown which, if you’re wondering, is actually a pretty decent achievement. Thankfully, you’ll be able to get out of the house and away from his endless “Susie Dent said” stories and patchy beard on May 20 as the next instalment in the soupy saga brings Breach, Ben UFO, Blawan, Cooly G and T. Williams to this humble city we call Sheffield. Such an eminent line-up demands your enthusiastic attendance and if you fail to show up, lightning will strike you on the way to your next boxercise class. If it doesn’t, well, you got lucky…this time. Breach’s ‘Fatherless’ on a big system will be better than a cold pot noodle and a rough sleep on your sheetless bed anyway.

Tickets are £10 and as is customary, the venue will be announced 24 hours before the event. Head over to Facebook for more info.

Also, Ben UFO’s ‘Never Went to Blue Note’ just got put up on Boiler Room a few days ago, so have a gander at that when you get the chance.

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Versa – Wisdom

I’ve actually played this on our soon-to-be-considered-seminal radio show a couple of times over the past few weeks, so for the two (thousand million) of you who listen it’s already evident that I think it’s a bloody good tune and possibly the best I’ve heard from Versa. Out today on ICU Audio, ‘Wisdom’ is a fairly laid-back track characterised by occasional bouts of wistful trumpet, swelling pads and beautifully crafted percussion. It’s basically a real late night burner that would work well as the soundtrack to a melancholic stumble through a deserted urban centre in an often depressing but ultimately uplifting gritty independent film. You know what I’m talking about, right? Right?! Well…listen to it anyway.

Buy it over at the official ICU Audio site.

XXXY – You Always Start it / Ordinary Things (TTY005)

This past week has been more stressful than a year locked in a hotel room with Louie Spence and whilst Oldsy has been pointing his planks down the mountain, I’ve been slaving away writing about Australian animals because I value my education. It hasn’t been all bad though and the time stuck in front of my typewriter has allowed me to listen to hell of a lot of music. XXXY has been a frequent fixture in this never-ending playlist and the garage/dubstep/house/master of pastiche from Manchester has actually got a release coming out this very month, so I figured I’d give it the props it deserves.

Appearing as the final instalment in Ten Thousand Yen’s first 5 series, the formidable pairing of ‘You Always Start It’ and ‘Ordinary Things’ drops on January 27 as a limited 10″ white vinyl. Both tracks have been around for a while and are characterised by sweetly tuned vocal snippets and subtle yet infectious movement that will have you nodding your head like MC Hammer undergoing electric shock therapy, although perhaps not quite as violently… Just imagine enthusiastic [and immeasurably stylish] dancing and then scroll down and listen. If it tickles your fancy, head over to the Ten Thousand Yen site to cop it and remember, you’re beautiful no matter what they say (most of you anyway).

Oh, and I’ve also been rinsing The Chipmunks this week too. ‘The Wall’ is powerful.

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