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Scuba’s “NE1BUTU” Video

Right folks, here’s the new video for Scuba’s tune “NE1BUTU” from his [semi] recent LP Personality. It goes without saying that track is better than the time you found an ancient — but delicious — packet of iced gems in the cupboard behind the untouched garibaldis and, in this case, the video is equally awesome. […]

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Scuba – The Hope

Scheduled for a February 6th release, The Hope is the first single from Scuba’s forthcoming album Personality. A sinister ten-ton beat laced with down-pitched vocals and the occasional section of euphoric chords, it’s like being hit over the head with a groovy brick. The less abrasive but equally bassy ‘Flash Addict’ appears on the flip […]

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Dauwd – Whats There

Forthcoming on Pictures Music, Whats There — missing apostrophe intentional — is a 3 track release from Welsh multi-instrumentalist Dauwd. Lauded by the likes of Giles Petersen, Caribou and The XX (on their confusing blog), his style is profoundly organic, mellow and richer than Scrooge McDuck. The title tune, ‘Whats There’, is similar to the […]

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Scuba – M.A.R.S. (Machinedrum Remix)

This is Machinedrum’s remix of Scuba’s ‘M.A.R.S.’, a tune which exclusively appeared on the Hotflush honcho’s recent DJ Kicks release. Wow, that sentence was informative. Soon I’ll be writing for BBC News or, considering its intensely boring and pragmatic construction, the Financial Times. I want to be more interesting, like writers in lads mags who […]

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Scuba – M.A.R.S. (DJ Kicks)

I really don’t know much about this one apart from the fact that, as mentioned in the video, it’s one of the exclusive tracks to be featured on Scuba’s forthcoming DJ Kicks release. I think it may be spiked with something though because as soon I started to listen to it the snare seduced me […]

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Hotflush Recordings – Back and 4th

Where have Hotflush been? Where are they right now? And where are they going? All valid questions indeed, with answers potentially hidden somewhere within the compiled tracks of Back and 4th. It depends how fussy you are, I found them pretty much straight away but I’m also incredibly deluded/hungover so chomp on that. Brass tacks… […]

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