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Wee Bit Mean…Wee Bit Good

Ever the musical pioneers, Wee Bit Mean return to the slippery streets of Sheffield tomorrow to deliver a night of impeccable aural genius. Soulful Hyperdub trio Darkstar headline proceedings, with support coming in the form of ambient artisan Hyetal and Planet Mu’s vanguard Glaswegian, Rudi Zygadlo. It may not be the world’s most recognisable line-up, but it oozes pure quality and will no doubt have you bouncing around like a couple of conkers in a school boy’s satchel.

Tomorrow’s event also marks the first part of a double header which concludes next Thursday with an equally formidable line-up of Untold and James Blake. It’s probably best that you attend both nights because your feeble mind is falling apart in that run-down hazard that you call a body. You need something to invigorate you, you lazy shit. It’s the last bastion of hope for you, my friend!

Uhh…the venue? DQ in Sheffield, decked out with the Funktion One soundsystem. Tickets are £5 in advance, £6 on the door or £4 if you buy one for both nights in advance. I don’t like the technical stuff, head over to Facebook for more info.

Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl is a Computer

Shortstuff and Hyetal – Ice Cream

Save Your Hearing, Save the World

The folks that comprise Tinnitus are, in name and nature, long-time advocates of pounding your ears until they bleed. Well, it’s time to give something back and tonight marks their second annual benefit party at The Redhouse in Sheffield. Once again they’re raising money and awareness for the RNiD’s Don’t Lose the Music campaign by bringing you a night of irony laced ear-splitters. This year’s line-up consists of Sheffield’s indomitable Oris Jay, techno champion Mobile Dogwash and Asylum’s drum & bass honcho N-Vision. Residents Sam Tinnitus, Sinista Tek and Distorted Panda are also there to finish up what promises to be a huge night.

It’s a good cause and will only set you back £3 if you hold an NUS card or £4 if you’re one of the regular folk. Get down there and don’t forget to wear some earplugs, or stuff cotton wool in your ears…or sawdust, or whatever.

More on Facebook.

Tayo, Tally Me Banana

It’s that time again. No, no-one’s going to get gunged and Dave Benson-Philips isn’t going to smile in your face like a goofy fuck, but you are going to dance like a lunatic. The Sucker Punch boys have laid on another delectable musical banquet for us and Cool & Deadly founder Tayo will tonight be sitting firmly at the head of the table. What that means, of course, is some serious bass.

Jack Opus, Andy H, Mr. Shanks and Timmy Dutch are all lined up to whet your appetite and deliver extra helpings when needed, so don’t think you won’t get your fill. Oh, and it’s only £4. That’s less than I pay to get my chimney swept.

You’d better come. What else are you going to do? Lie in your hammock and hug what’s left of your emaciated body? You look like somebody’s filled a sack half full of duplo and painted it pink. Get out there and do something worthwhile!

More info on Facebook. Do it.

Tuesdays of 2010: The Beginning

January 19th sees the return of The Tuesday Club for 2010 and as a welcome to the next decade of our awesome/miserable/pointless/adventurous/amazing lives, tickets are now on offer at two-for-one. The critically acclaimed seven-piece Homecut head up the bill with a live set showcasing their unique brand of fusion hip-hop and, after playing a sick show at Cuba Libre last year, the Renegade Brass Band are back to tear it up like it’s the god dam future (which it is). Stoaty, Andy H and Mikey J aka the resident TTC DJs, are also lined up to contribute to the festivities and drop some tunes sure to get you bouncing around the dancefloor like a football covered in flubber. Which, if you’re Robin Williams, is always a good thing.

Tickets are £4 advance, but obviously only £2 if you’re getting two. Doors at 11, and if you don’t know where it is, it’s at Sheffield University’s Fusion & Foundry. More info on Facebook.

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Sheffield on New Year’s Eve

You’ve drank some champagne with your Grandma, handed out blankets to the homeless, bought a goat for some kids in Africa and helped a young boy reach the porn rags in your local newsagents, but it’s New Year’s Eve and you still don’t feel fulfilled. What next? Find somewhere to dance until your socks disintegrate and your ear drums drip out like pink mushy peas, of course. That’s where I come in. Below are a few of the options available to you in the city known for its role in the industry of steel.

Threads vs Suckerpunch – DQ
Not packed with the usual big names associated with Suckerpunch, but still shaping up to be a night of musical debauchery capable of ushering in the decade with a bang. Andy H, Mr Shanks, Timmy Dutch, O’hara, Deano, Woodhead, Vanhessa Fruits Longley and Clipoard comprise the line-up, so I’m sure there will be enough aural variety to accommodate everyone. More on Facebook. £7 advance, £10 on the door.

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Suckerpunched at Christmas

It might sound like what used to happen in your living room when your Dad found out you made him a pasta collage instead of buying him something for Christmas again, but it’s actually what’s going on at DQ tonight and you’re going to be there. Suckerpunch have assembled a nice little yuletide gift for you and for the acceptable sum of £5, you can cut your teeth on some filthy basslines courtesy of genre Bedouin Elite Force, Urban Gorilla’s Adam Connel, Jonny Townsend, and, of course, residents Mr Shanks and Timmy Dutch.

Whatever your plans may involve, drop the crack-pipe and get your behinds down to DQ, which stands for ‘you haD better come tonight or else your christmas will suck and everyone, even the Queen, will hate you’.

As I mentioned it’s £5, doors at 11. If you’re not there, you officially hate Christmas. Nice one idiot. More on facebook.

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