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Fliptrix – Earth’s Axis

A label already considered seminal, and one arguably responsible for the revival of UK hip-hop, High Focus Records seem to have a secret formula for producing and delivering flawless diamonds some kind of urban African warlord. The stream of incredible tunes label founder Fliptrix has been dropping in the run up to the release of […]

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Cruger – I Need

As you know, I’m prone to the occasional UK hip-hop post, but I tend to keep it fairly chilled out because understated beats and cathartic lyricism is what I loves yo. That being said [rap battle judging joke], here’s Cruger with an introspective discourse of unrealised ambition and general regret. It is, however, accented with […]

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Salvo Mifune – The Monster With 21 Faces (feat. Ramson Badbonez)

Taken from his forthcoming EP, Nagasaki Youth Club, ‘The Monster With 21 Faces’ is an absolute killer from Salvo Mifune and his pal Ramson Badbonez and the pair of them destroy this beat like Sergeant Bash trying to eat a peach. In terms of the title, I can’t quite envision a monster with 21 faces, […]

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Rum Committee – Yudunwannadrink

Brighton hip-hop crew Rum Committee have just unleashed the video for ‘Yundunwannadrink’, one of the many alcohol-related tunes from their current album, Boozetown. Have a watch, even if you don’t drink, even if you’re a camel and rarely drink water, even if you’re a kangaroo rat and don’t drink anything at all, ever. Just go […]

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Roots Manuva – 4everevolution

This one comes via Suspect Packages, where there are some rather fetching photos of the CD and vinyl releases, and is just a quick note to let you know that Roots Manuva’s new album, 4everevolution, dropped today on Big Dada. Below is the video for ‘Get the Get’ featuring Rokhsan and if you forge past […]

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Gonzo Lyricism + Less Than Human

You could easily be forgiven for thinking that Oldsy and I are no longer alive and that Box Musique will soon lie abandoned like a dusty old house full of dirty mattresses and cryptic graffiti. This is not, however, the case and our recent inactivity is largely due to work commitments which, for me at […]

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