The 2 Bears – Be Strong (Album Stream)

The 2 Bears - Be Strong

Posted today by the good folks over at The Guardian, this is a full-length stream of Be Strong, the forthcoming album from Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell, a duo collectively known as The 2 Bears.

Having listened to the whole thing this afternoon, I can assure you of its deeply groove-endowed and occasionally eccentric nature, which had me nodding my head like one of those springy door stops on a particularly funky dose of speed (in this instance, speed is a concoction of Ribena and Cherry Coke). Of the tracks that I had previously not heard, ‘Get Together’ really stood out for me, with the short portion of horns giving me a mad case of dance-by-yourself-but-still-look-around-to-acknowledge-fake-people. I’m pretty sure it will have the same effect on you. Unless you have friends because then you can dance with actual people.

I need to buy this and get it in my car, I’m pretty sure the engine would start to run on rainbow juice and the windscreen would transform external landscapes into Jet Set Radio Future style utopian cartoons.

Be Strong is out on Southern Fried on January 30th.

Buy Be Strong: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Juno

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    Oh wow got o listien to this when I get home, can’t wait!

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