Thundercat – $200 TB


And the 2011 award for “Track Which Oldsy Should Have Posted” goes to…this one. Why? Because he loves Thundercat, Austin Peralta and Flying Lotus and while I am a fan of all three, I am no expert. The track in question is ‘$200 TB’, a tune which only features on the Japanese import version of Thundercat’s album The Golden Age of Apocalypse and was posted, for the benefit of everyone not in Japan, on Soundcloud today. Produced by Flying Lotus and featuring Austin Peralta, it’s a rather beguiling affair and the silky bass makes me believe I could walk into a bar, click my fingers provocatively and have all the ladies swooning like some kind of jazzy George Clooney. Actually, I can kind of do that already, just without the finger clicking…and the women…and the going to a bar bit.

Thundercat – $200 TB prod.Flying Lotus ft. Austin Peralta by Flyinglotus

Buy The Golden Age Of Apocalypse at Amazon.

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