Toddla T & Shola Ama – Alive (Sticky Remix)

Shola Ama

Taken from Shola Ama’s forthcoming single “Alive”, due for an August 13th release on Ninja Tune, this is an inspired remix of the title track from garage legend Tricky. The bassline sounds pretty similar to the one he used in “Triplets”, giving it more of a mash-up rather than actual remix feel, but it’s still pretty phat. Yeah, phat. I’m bringing that shit back. You know what else is phat? Toddla T. He produced the original tune. I’m actually thinking of releasing a track where I sing “I’m a phat man” over the instrumental to Scatman John’s classic banger…I think I could probably get Toddla to produce that too.

Watch/listen after the jump.

Pre-order Alive over at Ninja Tune.

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