Versa & Rowl Mix

Compiled exclusively for Dubstep For Deep Heads by Milton Keynes chill merchants Versa and Rowl, this one is loaded with profound bass, lush synths, and generally soft vibes, interrupted only by the occasional surfacing of a raspy bassline. It’s also an hour and a half long. Yeah, like half an hour more than a hour. It’s rather pleasant. I mean…er…it’s safe mate, an absolute beast, proper nang.

Listen below, tracklist after the jump.

Troy Gunner – Dancing In The Leaves. Forthcoming Mindset
Indigo – Snowfall. Mindset Dub
Versa and Rowl – Lunar. Forthcoming Smokin Sessions
My Nu Leng – Damp. Dub
Versa – Monsoon. Smokin Sessions
Synkro – Replapse. Dub
Troy Gunner – Head In Hands. Forthcoming Mindset
Bop – Simple Things. Med School
Submotion Orchestra – Always (Synkro Remix). Forthcoming Ranking Records
Inkarv – Make You Feel. Dub
My Nu Leng – Consume. Dub
Quark – Patagonia. Ranking Records
Indigo – Neveah. Dub
Versa & Rowl – Tesla. Dub
Unknown artist & Biome – Untitled. Dub
Versa – Shadow Movement. Dub
Biome & Fallen45 – DMT. Dub
N-Dread – Oceans11. Dub
Inkarv – The Rivers Flow. Dub
Hatti Vatti feat. Cian Finn – You. New Moon
Anex – Delusions.0 ICU Audio Dub
Killawatt & Thelem – Swarf. Forthcoming New Moon
Biome – Industrial VIP. Dub
Bop – Clear Your Mind. Med School
Biome – Pentagon. Dub
Anex – Counter It. Soulstep Dub
Shadowfax – The Mujahadeen. ICU Audio Dub
Biome & Versa – Nomad. Forthcoming M.U.D
Ruckspin feat. Jack Sparrow – Blessings. Pushing Red
Icicle – Galacticstep. Shogun Audio
Rowl – Resolution. Dub
Versa & Biome – Untitled. Dub
Floating Points – Sais.
Objekt – Unglued. Objekt002
Indigo – Portal
Submotion Orchestra – Angel Eyes (Menik Remix). Dub
LV, Message To Bears, Zaki Ibrahim – Explode (DJ Rum Remix). Dub
Versa & Rowl – Werewolf. Dub
Arkist – Fill My Coffee. Apple Pips
The Drop – Takeover (DJ Rum Remix). Dub

  • Simon Gustafson

    This is just lovely!

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