If, for whatever reason, you’re getting ever so slightly bored with general minimal house/tech releases of late then listen to this absolutely gorgeous mix. I’m not getting bored as such, I just seem to spend most of my time either wandering about aimlessly or being stuck with my head in the bloody sand. Just taking a different perspective you know. It’s how I came to the conclusion that fascists hate ambient music.

Point is, if you haven’t guessed, this mix is refreshing. Like watermelon. Apart from there’s no seeds. Only deep, bouncy minimal tech house goodness. It’s been put together by Sebastian Mullaert of Minilogue fame and nestled in there are also two brand new Minilogue tracks. Stand out track for me has to be ‘Trust the Drum’ though because this woman shouts ‘Africa!’ and then it drops and then it’s amazing.

In all honestly, nobody explains the LP better than kompakt.fm when they say ”this mix cd is live mix without computer. The seemless computer mix is sometimes good for home listening but live mix definitely have more soul and emotion. CD1 kicks off by Sebastian’s own track and he mixed his favorite psychedelic ambient house like new release of Donato Dozzy on Mule or his friend “Kab” and “The Mole”. CD2 is faster and bit pumping and clubby sounding like a Minilogue’s dance track”.

Turns out you that’s the best place to buy it too. Apart from your local record store. Represent. Check the mad player widget gizmo after the drop…

Just for the record, I’m not a facist. But I do like ambient music. And debate rages as to whether this album should be known as WaWuWe or Wa Wu We. Who knows/cares.

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