Who to Watch at Beacons 2012 (Part 1)

Beacons 2012

July just turned into August and Beacons festival will soon be upon us. Held in Skipton from August 17th-19th, it features a stellar line-up of some of the best electronic, folk and indie artists this spinning globe of rock and water has to offer. If you want more proof that it’s going to be a bloody good knees-up, I shall be attending and I only go to things that are the absolute tits. Apart from the time I wandered into a screening of Friends With Benefits and spewed my guts up during the stomach-churningly embarrassing flash mob scene.

Anyway, here’s a few of the acts I’m looking forward to with the the fervent excitement of a fat man waiting for the bakery to open.

Mount Kimbie
Renowned for their exploratory live performances, Kai and Dom have been captivating audiences since the release of Crooks & Lovers a couple of years ago (and probably earlier to be honest, but that’s when I first saw them live). With very little output since last year’s Carbonated EP, it will be nice to see if they have any new material in their live set. Also, their live version of “Maybes” is amazing. Almost as good as Pringles when you’re drunk, but not quite.

If one thing is for sure, you can always rely on xxxy for some deep grooves and bass. If I had a dead crowd just standing and nodding like insecure goats, I’d slap on a few xxxy bangers and watch them cut rugs like experienced Turkish artisans. Hell, even the top comment for “Everything” on YouTube says ‘yessss gonna be a festival banger I can tell’. Can’t argue with that.

Julio Bashmore
One of the latest additions to the line-up, Bristol’s Julio Bashmore is a purveyor of oh-jesus-I-wish-I-had-made-this house music. Responsible for some future classics — aka the tunes you will force your children to listen to when you pick them up from school in 10 years — such as “Battle For Middle You” and “Au Seve”, it would be criminal to miss this set.

Pearson Sound
Ever the genius, his recent collaboration with Joy Orbison and Boddika on SUNKLOFREE was hotter than an egg on a piece of metal in the desert and I’m pretty sure it will send dance-inducing shockwaves through any crowd. If he doesn’t play “Faint” in his set I’ll secretly harbour resentment and keep on dancing as normal because I’m passive-aggressive like that.

The only act on the list so far that I’ve not actually already experienced live, Koreless appeared on the radar last year but has made a lasting impression on everyone who’s had the pleasure of listening to his output. With the recent release of “Lost in Tokyo” — an absolutely incredible piece of work — his buzz has been building and right now I want nothing more than to lay back and soak in the lofty vibes on a big system.

There are still some tickets left, so if you fancy a weekend of cracking music head over to the official Beacons site and grab a weekender for £85. It will be the best money you’ve spent since you bought Pokemon Yellow.

Part 2 will follow shortly.

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