xxxy – Werk


For those of you outside the UK, we’re all celebrating the Queen’s diamond jubilee today (it’s actually tomorrow, but we want that day off to rest) so I’ll keep this brief because I have a lot of beer to drink. Posted on XLR8R earlier this morning, ‘Werk’ from Manchester’s xxxy is a peppy little tune driven by frenetic hats and a catchy vocal sample which combine with myriad other elements to produce a progressively energetic anthem. If you’re the type to physically respond to rhythm by moving your limbs in a coordinated manner — otherwise known as dancing — you’ll be doing a lot of that to this track.

Taken from Bash EP, which dropped today on Piccadilly Records, ‘Werk’ is joined by the title track, ‘Give In To You’ and two remixes from French Fries and Isotonik. Listen/download after the jump!

xxxy – Werk

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